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Issue 145, April 6, 2024New York, NYIssue 144, https://conta.cc/3TAuzNB
Taiwan Earthquake 7.4 Magnitude
The powerful earthquake in Taiwan on Wednesday 4/3/2024 shook an island that was well prepared for a seismic catastrophe. Nine people have been reported dead, though Taiwanese officials said the death toll could rise in the coming days. More than 1,000 were injured and at least 100 were feared trapped. The worst damage was in the city of Hualien. Given the size of the quake — magnitude 7.4 — seismology experts said it appeared the dense island had fared as well as could be expected in initial reports.Officials and researchers in Taiwan are still evaluating the earthquake’s characteristics, impacts and casualties. The lessons they learn could provide U.S. scientists and political leaders a measuring stick for how buildings and communities here might fare.Many deadly earthquakes have struck Taiwan in the past century. The island sits on several active faults, which are associated with seismic activity. It is near the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an area the U.S. Geological Survey says is the most seismically and volcanically active zone in the world.
NJ-NYC Area Earthquake 4.8 Magnitude
Little damage is reported but aftershocks were felt in NJ and NYC.
Earthquakes in the Greater New York area is rare, but smaller and occasionally more powerful earthquakes have previously rattled this region spanning New York, Philadelphia and Wilmington. Smaller earthquakes hit around every two to three years, and larger ones strike roughly twice a century, according to USGS.
What caused the East Coast 4.8 magnitude temblor in NJ on April 5, 2024? It’s not clear what fault line Friday’s earthquake originated on. There is a major fault line in New Jersey called the Ramapo Fault, which stems from the Appalachian Mountains, CBS New York reported. There are also at least five smaller fault lines under the island of Manhattan.
Solar Eclipse on Monday 4/8/2024
Among the cities smack dab in the action: Dallas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Cleveland, Ohio; Rochester, Buffalo, New York; and Montreal — making for the continent’s biggest eclipse crowd. But, practically everyone on the continent can catch at least a partial eclipse. In the US, totality will begin in Texas at 1:27 pm CDT and will end in Maine at 3:35 pm EDT on April 8, 2024.In 2024 the path crosses more major population centers than the 2017 eclipse, enabling 31.6 million people to see the eclipse without leaving their city, versus just 12 million in August 21, 2017. In addition, one of the most entrancing parts of a total solar eclipse is the view of the sun’s corona during totality.Part of what makes a total solar eclipse so special is that it’s rare, a once-in-a-lifetime event for many. When such events happen over large swaths of the country – as was the case in 2017 and will be on Monday – it’s a bonding experience for millions of Americans.Diving into the memory of the 2017 solar eclipse, hosted by Denise Hunter on a private yacht, we immersed ourselves in the captivating beauty of the cosmos and experienced the awe and magic of these once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.
Macau Educational Experience
Macau doesn’t want to be known as just the world’s biggest gambling hub. The Chinese city is the only place in the Asian country where casino gambling is legal. In 2019, before the COVID pandemic, Macau’s gaming industry generated $36 billion in revenue, three times as much as the U.S. state of Nevada, home of Las Vegas. The sector was connected to over half the city’s GDP, and employed 17% of the city’s roughly 600,000 residents.But the city’s government wants to diversify its economy. When casino licenses were up for renewal last year, Macau’s six gaming operators had to promise the government that they would expand non-gambling offerings and attract more foreign tourists.Hand-make the famous Pastel de Nata and Genete, aka Portuguese egg tarts and caterpillar cookiesExpress yourself through the art of Chinese Calligraphy and create your own masterpiecePaint a Azulejo aka the Portuguese Blue Tile, a symbol of the harmony between Chinese and Portuguese culturesThe workshops are reserved for PAS2024 delegates, so join our event now for a chance to be part of these experiences!Hurry up and register now, only 30 pax for each workshop on a first-come-first-served basis  www.pata.org/pata-annual-summit-2024
New York City
The PATA chairman, Peter Semone, took a trip to NYC with his son, Morgan. It was a delightful occasion as we came together on Easter Sunday to enjoy a festive meal.

Discover New Zealand

We were embraced with a heartfelt greeting in Dana’s indigenous tongue, serenaded by local suppliers from Auckland and Queenstown in their native language, and indulged in personalized 5-minute meetings with each. The event was topped off with a delightful lunch at Fig and Olive. It was a harmonious blend of culture and business!
Scottish Heritage
Scotland, a country rich in history and culture, is home to the famous whisky-making tradition that dates back centuries. The origins of whisky-making in Scotland can be traced back to the spread of winemaking methods from European monasteries. With no access to grapes, monks used grain mash instead to produce an early form of the popular spirit. Scotland is where the water of life flows freely in the form of whiskey.Additionally, Scotland is renowned for its iconic musical instrument, the bagpipes, which have become a symbol of Scottish heritage. Unlike its Irish counterpart, the Uileann Pipes, the bagpipes are uniquely Scottish. 
Tartan Day was founded in Nova Scotia as an annual celebration of Scottish culture and heritage, and has grown more popular every year. In the US, it was declared ‘Tartan Day’ by the Senate in 1998 to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States.
Health & Wellness
Air China Adding More Flights
Songkran Celebration
Songkran marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year.Thailand’s Tourism Authority has put together a list of celebrations taking place all over the country, but for those who would like to engage in the cultural side, Bangkok is shaping out to be a top destination for Songkran travelers this year.The inaugural Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024 will take place from April 11-15 in the city’s historic old center, around Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue and Sanam Luang, near popular sites such as the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.It’s the splashing that has turned Songkran into a global sensation in recent decades, with massive water fights held on closed city streets everywhere from Khao San Road and Silom Road in Bangkok to Chiang Mai’s historic Old City. Pouring water is a significant act during Songkran, symbolizing cleansing, reverence and good fortune.

Elizabeth Chin, Executive Director, NY PATA