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Issue 134, February 19, 2024New York, NYhttps://newyorkpata.org
NY PATA Weekend at Javits Center
The NY PATA booth has been making waves at the Travel and Adventure Show, attracting heads of government, celebrities, and prominent figures in the travel industry, as well as suppliers. Not only that, it has become a sought-after booth for travel industry professionals looking to become members of NY PATA. In fact, on Saturday, the booth hosted a member’s reunion and group-photo opportunity that provided a relaxing break from the hectic trade show schedule.
We are proud to announce that over fifteen NY PATA members were exhibitors, and had invested in their own booths at the Travel and Adventure Show. This event was a true showcase of the talent and dedication of our members, and we are grateful to all who supported our exhibiting members.
PATA New York Chapter
We extend our congratulations to all the members of NY PATA who participated in the Travel and Adventure Show. Your hard work and dedication to the travel industry is truly inspiring and has contributed to the event’s success. Your commitment to showcasing the best of the travel industry has not gone unnoticed, and we are proud to support and showcase the amazing work of our NY PATA members in future events as well.
As we look to the future, we encourage all exhibitors to reserve their spot now for the annual NY PATA Trade Show in mid-July 2024. We are excited to continue working with our members and to see the innovative and exciting developments that will come from the travel industry in the years to come.
Jorge Islas LópezConsul General of Mexico in New York
L/R Elizabeth Chin; Akbal Setia, Vice President, Tourism Malaysia; Kelli Ann Mills, Chair, NY PATA; Dr. Varun Jeph, Deputy Consul General of India in New York; Chandan Sen, CEO, SAGA Connect & Journey, Inc.
China National Tourist Office; Philippine Department of Tourism; Consulate General of India.
NY PATA on CBS News Live
Elizabeth Chin was invited by John Elliott of CBS News Live to appear on a live segment at the Travel and Adventure Show held in Javits Convention Center. During her appearance, Elizabeth highlighted the rich and diverse cultures of the different countries in the Asia Pacific region. She spoke passionately about the unique experiences that travelers can have in this part of the world, from trying exotic cuisines to exploring ancient temples.
Elizabeth conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to John Elliott for gracing the New York PATA booth and illuminating the allure of the Asia Pacific region to a broader audience. Her feature on CBS News Live provided a remarkable platform to spotlight the region, encouraging more individuals to embark on journeys and discover the wonders of the world.
We were honored by the presence of Peter Greenberg, a distinguished travel expert and journalist, at our booth during the Travel and Adventure Show. The opportunity to engage in conversation with Peter Greenberg was truly extraordinary.
Furthermore, Julian Banegas warmly welcomed Darley Newman and Rick Steves, further enriching our experience.
John Elliott, CBS News Live; Darley Newman, PBS; Rick Steves, Europe TV; Peter Greenberg, Emmy Award-Winning Reporter & Producer and CBS News Travel Editor
Travel and Adventure Show Booth 351
Lunar New Year Banquet 3/11/2024

Elizabeth Chin | Executive Director | PATA New York Chapter | Email: elizabethnypata@gmail.com