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Issue 127, January 17, 2024New York, NYIssue 126; https://conta.cc/3TI45LT
World’s Leading City Destination
Manila, Philippines
The Philippines has once again proven itself as a top travel destination, as it secured four major global recognitions at the World Travel Awards Ceremony held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Dec. 1. The country retained its 2022 titles as the World’s Leading Dive Destination and Beach Destination, and for the first time, Manila won the leading city destination award.
Additionally, the nation received the Global Tourism Resilience Award, which recognizes its “global leadership, pioneering vision, and innovation to overcome critical challenges and adversity.” The Philippines is one of only five countries and destinations in the world to receive this inaugural award. The World Travel Awards noted that the winners will serve as benchmarks for implementing best practices in tourism resilience.
Congratulations to the Philippines on this impressive achievement!
New York Travel and Adventure Show
PATA New York at Booth 351January 27th and 28th, 2024

Show Hours:Saturday, January 27: 10am – 5pmSunday, January 28: 11am – 4pm
Beaches, Airport, UNESCO World Heritage
PATA Annual Summit

PATA Annual Summit 2024 Now open for registration!Grab your ticket at an early-bird rate before the discount expires on Jan 31, 2024! Join us in Macao, China from May 15-17 for a global forum packed with insights, connections, and opportunities.The Annual Summit will be held in The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort, a 5-star SJM Resorts property that brings together world-class brands and distinguished styles of accommodation, gastronomy, retail, entertainment, and wellness indulgence.
Register now: https://www.pata.org/pas
China’s Self-Developed C919

China’s civil aviation industry has achieved a major milestone with the start of commercial operation of the C919, the country’s first domestically produced large passenger plane. The C919 made its inaugural flight over Hong Kong last month, and is set to rival the likes of the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320.
After years of testing, the maiden flight took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a Shanghai to Chengdu route. This achievement is a significant step forward for China’s aviation industry and positions the country as a major player in the global aviation market.
China’s self-developed large passenger aircraft, the C919, has commenced operation on a new route connecting the megacities of Beijing and Shanghai. On Tuesday, January 2nd, flight MU5137, operated by China Eastern Airlines, departed from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and arrived at Beijing Daxing International Airport nearly two hours later, with a seat occupancy rate of over 85 percent. This marks the second route for the C919.Additionally, the fourth C919 was delivered to its first global customer, China Eastern Airlines, on Tuesday in Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines has also signed a deal in September 2023 with COMAC to purchase another 100 C919 aircraft, which is the largest single order in the history of the homegrown jet, C919.
Celebrations in Nepal and India

People in Nepal belonging to Magar, Newar, Chhetri, Tharu and Chhantyal communities are celebrating Maghi festival across the country. Maghe Sankranti or Maghi is the biggest festival of the Tharu people.
Rajasthan’s most beloved festivals, Makar Sankranti.
Maiden Cruise Voyages

We are delighted to announce the maiden voyages of two remarkable cruise ships this month. China’s first domestically built cruise ship sailed from Shanghai on January 1, marking a historic moment for the country’s growing cruise industry. At the same time, the RCCL Icon of the Sea, the largest cruise ship in the world, is embarking on its maiden voyage from Florida, promising an unforgettable experience for its passengers.These two maiden voyages are a testament to the advancements in the cruise industry and reflect the growing demand for cruise vacations worldwide. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting moment and look forward to providing our clients with the best cruise experiences possible.Adora Magic CityChina’s First Domestically-Built Cruise Ship
China has launched its first domestically built cruise ship, the Adora Magic City, on its maiden voyage from Shanghai on January 1, 2024. The ship is a symbol of China’s growing expertise in advanced construction, as the country seeks self-sufficiency in key technologies. This opens a new chapter for the country’s shipbuilding and cruise industries.The Adora Magic City is an impressive 323.6 meters long, weighs 135,500 tons, and can accommodate up to 5,246 passengers across 2,125 guest rooms. The 16-deck luxury cruise ship is equipped with a mahjong lounge and hotpot restaurant, catering to China’s expanding middle class and their appetite for international travel. This milestone in the country’s shipbuilding industry has been widely hailed by the media as a “crown jewel” and a “major milestone” for China.The Adora Magic City, completed its maiden voyage on Jan 7. Over 3,000 passengers from 16 countries and regions completed a seven-day, six-night trip to South Korea’s Jeju Island and Japan’s Fukuoka and Nagasaki.
RCCL “Icon of the Seas”World’s Largest Cruise Ship
We are excited to announce the launch of the RCCL Icon of the Seas, the newest addition to its fleet. With 20 decks, 250,800 tons, and the capacity to hold 5,160 passengers, the Icon of the Seas promises to be the ultimate cruise experience.
One of the highlights of this ship is Category 6, the largest waterpark at sea, featuring six record-breaking slides, including the Frightening Bolt, the tallest waterslide to sail, and the Pressure Drop, the first open freefall waterslide on a cruise. Additionally, the ship boasts seven pools, including Royal Bay, the largest pool at sea.With Western and Eastern Caribbean adventures, the RCCL Icon of the Seas is the perfect choice for an unforgettable vacation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to sail on the most innovative and exciting ship on the sea.
Winter Fun in NYC

Bryant Park
New Yorkers and tourists alike will get to slide, spin and bump on the 17,000-square-foot rink within the famous park at Sixth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets starting January 12 through March 2.  Photograph: Ryan Muir

Harbin, Heilongjiang
40th Harbin InternationalIce and Snow Festival
Harbin, located in NE China’s Heilongjiang province, is set to launch seven sets of frost-resistant Fuxing intelligent EMU trains to cater to the increased demand for tourism during the winter season. These trains are equipped with automatic anti-freezing functions that allow them to operate normally in extremely cold environments, with temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales intersect at -40 °C and -40 °F, which makes these trains capable of withstanding the coldest weather conditions. The launch of these trains is expected to provide a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation for tourists visiting Harbin during the winter season.
Are you looking for a unique winter experience? Look no further than the 40th Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival in 2024. This festival is a winter wonderland that offers a range of snow activities and ice sports for you to enjoy with your friends and family.You will be amazed by the exquisite ice palaces and pyramids made of huge ice blocks, and feel like you’re living in a frozen Disney world. The festival is held annually from January 5th to February 5th, since its inception in 1985, and has gained global recognition. The long and frigid winter, and the high plasticity and hardness of ice blocks quarried from the Songhua River, make Harbin the perfect place for ice and snow sculpture. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – come and join the Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival in 2024.
The “Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival” is now one of the world’s four largest ice and snow festivals, along with Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada’s Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway’s Ski Festival.
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