PATA CEO Meets PATA New York

As travel recovers, we will get our small businesses restarting/ returning and new ones being spawned.PATA is in active discussions on opportunities to collaborate and expand…

Message from Liz Ortiguera

I’m confident that this is the dawn of a new era for PATA and Asia-Pacific Travel. The future is bright:

  • As travel recovers, we will get our small businesses restarting/ returning and new ones being spawned. […] PATA is in active discussions on opportunities to collaborate and expand on programs like the informal workers pilot support project and others. Within our member base, we’re creating more opportunities for you to communicate your value, network with industry colleagues and tap into our collective expertise through shared research, webinars and thought leadership articles.
  • The Rise of the Conscious Traveller – the Economist Impact and Airbnb issued a report recently about the rise of “The Conscious Traveller”. There’s a recognition and appreciation by consumers for more socially conscious travel by the post-pandemic consumer, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. 87% said doing more conscious travel is important to them. 57% said they would factor sustainable tourism practices into their next holiday. PATA has on offer online training on destination resilience and we continue to fully advocate sustainable travel solutions. [..]
  • And last but not least, let’s not forget that pre-pandemic, Asia-Pacific with its rising economies and some of the most populous countries globally was and will continue to be the growth engine for travel moving into the future. The onus is now on us to steer its continued development into positive and sustainable growth for the next generation.

I’ll end by sharing with you a peek at our new Recovery Dashboard – PATA International Members can get a weekly synopsis of the reopening status and latest news from destinations across our region….

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Elizabeth Chin, Catherine Heald, Irene Sino,

John Graham, Boris Miketic, and Iris Salazar

The event, under the theme “Building Back Sustainably through Cultural Heritage and Community-based Tourism”, will celebrate the start of a robust Asia Pacific tourism recovery with an experiential conference program focused on sharing best practices in destination marketing and destination management in the post-pandemic recovery world.

The event offers a unique opportunity for networking, learning, and discovery, consisting of a one-day conference and a one-day destination experience through a technical tour, as well as various hosted social functions.

There are three destinations experiences including a visit to the Chum Chon Tha Hin fishing village to meet the local tribe, Chum Chon Koh Yo where nature meets culture, and Chum Chon Hua Khoa and Old Town to visit the ancient fort and temple.

Barcelona is a modern and cosmopolitan destination, with its own distinctive lifestyle, and a wide variety of cultural activities. Barcelona is a PATA destination member.

Lauren Chase, The Winner
At the Barcelona & Catalonia Cultural Forum held at UBS Arena Preview Club in NYC, Lauren Chase, was the winner for roundtrip air to Barcelona with land arrangements to tour Catalonia.

Its top cultural representatives presented future projects and cultural news.

Dine Around Reminder
Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

5 pm to 7:30 pm

House of Joy restaurant

28 Pell Street, NYC 10013

10-course banquet-style dinner

Chinese tea

Seating is limited.

Dine Around is FULL

Let’s use this weekend to count our blessings and honor our nation’s heroes on Memorial Day.

Stay safe and well.

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