NY PATA 60th Anniversary in the Year of the Tiger

New Decade…New Era

Joebert Opulencia, chairman, presented a commemorative plaque to Simone Bassous for her invaluable contributions and dedication in serving as executive director before she retired in December 2021.

In the new decade and new era, NY PATA launched its website and to stay relevant, the digitalization of membership management and communication.

Anniversary Banquet

When it’s ready, the anniversary photo collection will be posted on www.newyorkpata.org

Thank you all for the lovely notes received. We’re so glad you were a part of this momentous occasion.

A very fine evening—well coordinated and amazing turn out.

Your efforts are paying off. And, we are here to support.


Best regards,

Samuel S

It was a pleasure to be invited to the 60th anniversary celebrations for PATA last evening. It was well-organized and the camaraderie was amazing.

Best regards,

Deborah M

It was the best NY PATA event, and a very nice transition from the old to a new era.

Simone B

Great Night out in NYC Chinatown! For our 60th Anniversary Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Dinner/Event!

John G

Many thanks to Joebert Opulencia and Elizabeth Chin Who did all the work for last night wonderful event!

Catherine H

THANK YOU for a joyful evening in the House of Joy. It was so nice to see you and my dear friends after a long time. It was a great and meaningful celebration 60th Anniversary in the Year of the Tiger!

Have a wonderful day!

Maria P