Celebrating 75 Years of Nepal-US Friendship

Consulate General of Nepal, NY in partnership with PATA New York Chapter

Bishnu Gautam, Acting Consul General, New York

Tourism promotion of beautiful Nepal:

75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Nepal-America and the general relations between two countries in tourism, education, culture etc. and Nepal is open for tourism and tourism in the post-covid-19 situation. Nepali Mahavani Embassy aims to convey the message that Meriki is ready and eager to welcome tourists in Nepal to the American people

In partnership with New York and Pacific Asia Travel Association New York Chapter (PATA-NY) Nepal’s tourism promotion program entitled “Nepal: The Wonderland of Natural, Cultural & Spiritual Beauty” presented in New York on April 29th/Baishakh 26th was concluded. Yesssssssssssss. His Excellency Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Permanent Mission of Nepal in NY, Regional Director of New York Regional Office of US Department of Foreign Affairs, Friend of Nepal, American citizens, scholars, tourism and aerial entrepreneur, Everest and other High Himalayas Rohi, Nepali community’s NRN-New York Chapter President, journalists and other tourism spells and experiences were exchanged. Completed the program.

President of PATA New York Chapter Mr. Joebert Opulencia , Immediate past PATA-NY President Ms Elizabeth Chin, friend in Nepal Dr. Seth Sicroff , Ms. Vanessa O’Brien, US-Nepal Climber Association, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways, I would like to express my gratitude to all including Nepali artists, Media Friends for their support. Hearty thanks to CEO Dr. Dhananjay Regmi for providing video message for the program and Nepal Tourism Board for helping by sending some tourism materials even in the last minute. Pradip Shrestha, Amit Pratap Shah and friends of Nepal Travel Bureau who always support us in promotional tourism and always ready to provide support to the Mahavani Embassy in every way.

Non-residential Nepalese Association-America New York Chapter President representing Nepalese community Ang Tshiring Sherpa , and all participants who presented the program overseas. Kiran Marahatta Heartfelt thanks! With the expectation of your continuous support and support in the future,

Bishnu Gautam

Photo courtesy: Thank you so much Mr. Manzoor Hussain, Dunya International TV News

“Nepal: The Wonderland of Natural, Cultural & Spiritual Beauty”

H.E. Ambassador Amrit Rai, Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations group photo with Consulate General of Nepal in New York, PATA New York Chapter, Vanessa O’Brien, Dr. Seth Sicroff, Amit Pratap Shah, Ang Tshiring Sherpa, Passang Nima Sherpa, Alp Ozaman of Turkish Airlines, Ivan Druzeta of Qatar Airways, scholars, and media.

It was a pleasure for NY PATA to partner with the Consulate General of Nepal, New York to produce this splendid event with speeches by H.E. Ambassador Amrit Rai, Bishnu Gautam, Amit Pratap Shah, Dr. Seth Sicroff, Ms. Vanessa O’Brien, Ms. Sangita Neupane, Ivan Druzeta, Alp Izaman, Ang Tshiring Sherpa and Passang Nima Sherma.

Best wishes for a Happy Month of May!

PATA New York Board

Elizabeth Chin

Board Member

Immediate Past Chair

Pacific Asia Travel Association

PATA New York Chapter

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